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Recovered Property

The West York Borough Police Dept., Spring Garden Twp. Police Dept., West Manchester Twp. Police Dept., York City Police Dept., Southwestern Regional Police Dept. and Pennsylvania State Police - Gettysburg, are investigating burglaries in which several pieces of property - believed to have been stolen - have been recovered.


We are asking that anyone who reported a burglary since 2010 until May 1st, 2015, review the property in the following pictures. The burglaries most likely occurred within, but not limited to York and Adams counties. 


If you believe a piece of property pictured below was taken from your residence during a burglary, please contact the appropriate agency and investigator from the jurisdiction in which you live, and provide the corresponding property number (in red).

West York Borough Police - Det. Kahley - 717-854-1975
York City Police - Det. Dehart - 717-849-2219
West Manchester Twp. - Det. Snell - 717-792-9514
Spring Garden Twp. - Det. Harbaugh - 717-843-0852
Southwestern Regional Police - Det. Layden - 717-225-1333
Pennsylvania State Police-Gettysburg - Trpr. Hartlaub - 717-334-8111
 If you live in another jurisdiction, not named above, please contact West York Police Det. Kahley.
This is an active and ongoing investigation, therefore additional details regarding this investigation will not be released at this time.
In addition, to the pictured property, the following items were located as well:
  • Single wooden jewelry drawer, removed from an unknown jewelry box
  • Samsung 32" TV, black in color
  • Emerson 39" TV, black in color
  • Bose Wave radio, white in color
  • Orion TV, silver in color
  • Duraband TV
  • Black SanDisk USB thumb drive, contained video game files and music MP3's