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The Borough of West York, formerly the village of Eberton, was incorporated as a borough on June 21, 1904.
At the March 21, 1917 monthly borough council meeting, members voted on hiring the first policeman, thus establishing the West York Borough Police Department, to commence on April 1, 1917.  John A. Altland was appointed as the borough's first policeman, and his pay was set at $20 per month and .20 cents for each additional hour therafter, as he was called upon for service.  Hours of the new department were set to daily including Sundays, from 7 to 10pm and Saturdays were 7 to 12pm.   This new policeman was instructed to begin duty in his new role on April 1, 1917. 
Years later and as the borough continued to grow and the population expand, William Axe was the first Chief of Police to be appointed. His term was followed by the appointments of Harry Shunk and Ralph Shultz.
In the 1950's, the Borough hired two additional patrolmen and in 1964, the department was expanded to four patrolmen. Lloyd Lehr was named Chief of Police with the death of Shultz in 1975. In 1975,  the Police switched from the gray patch (left) to the "mack" bulldog patch (right). Following Lehr as Chief, was S. Marshall Roser, Dale Strickler, Keith Albright and then Justin Seibel. Every patrolman worked a 10-hour schedule, with only one patrolman on duty most of the time.
During the 1980's, and due to do the ever increasing demand for services, the department hired it's fifth and sixth officers and relied on the assistance of part-time officers to fill the patrol shifts. In May 2001, the police added it's current patch to the uniform. The police fleet consisted of two marked Crown Victoria's and an unmarked Dodge Intrepid. In 2005, an additional Crown Vic was added. In 2008, the Officers joined the Teamsters Local 776 Union, which also serves as the sole and exclusive barganing agent for their contract. Also, in December 2005, the West York Police started the annual "Shop with a Cop." Also in 2008, the officers began working a 12-hour schedule enabling two officers to be on duty at all times, better serving the residents. 
Today, the department consist of nine full-time police officers, two part-time police officers,and a volunteer police chaplain. The police officers are trained in many areas and offer a wide variety of services to include traffic safety/enforcement, crime scene processing, criminal investigation, surveillance and undercover, counterdrug and crime prevention operations.  The police officers to the department are equiped and trained to respond to every type of incident, from simple parking complaints to complex homicides.