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1/24/2013 - 4:41:00 PM

1/24/13 @ 4:41 P.M. - WYBPD radio dispatched to respond to Giant Foods store, 1200 W. Market St., for a report of a Retail Theft in progress.   Updated radio dispatch reported that the perpetrator was to be a W/M, wearing black jacket with blue jeans, after concealing various meat items by placing them into duffle bag, was now to be attempting to exit the store.   The caller, a store manager, also advised the dispatcher that upon confrontation, the perpetrator dropped the bag down, turned and fled through the store violently shoving down to the floor, a female customer that was blocking his path.  This perpetrator was then last seen running through the Giant parking lot towards York City.
@ 4:42 P.M. - A responding WYBPD patrolman that was canvasing the vicinity, observed a suspect matching the description provided in the first block of Richland Avenue.  This suspect ignored the patrolman's commands to stop, responded by darting into heavy rush hour traffic and attempted to flee risking his and the safety of motorists.   The patrolman initiated a short foot chase pursuing this suspect across several lanes of traffic and apprehended him only after tackling the suspect within the 900 block of W. King St., in York City.
This perpetrator was then identified as Luis SOTO-RIVERA, 38 Y.O.A., H/M to be residing in the 2700 block of Crestview Dr., York Township.  A heroin needle as also seized from SOT's pant's pocket.
After being advised of his Miranda rights, SOTO did admit his role in stealing the meat products and to shoving the female down.  SOTO stated that he was addicted to heroin and that after he stole the the meat from the Giant, he would then travel to York City and sell the meat for money so he could in turn purchase more heroin.  
The duffel bag was also recovered and inventoried, revealing seven (7) individually wrapped pork products and two (2) packages of NyQuil Liquicap OTC medication, totaling $160 worth of store merchandise.
WYBPD then transported to SOTO-RIVERA forthwith to Central Booking for processing and arraignment on a felony charge of Robbery, Retail Theft and Flight to Avoid Apprehension.