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6/12/2014 - 4:52:00 PM

On June 12, 2014 @ 4:52 P.M. - WYBPD was radio dispatched to respond to the intersection of S. Pearl and W. Poplar streets near Grace E. Loucks Elementary School.  Numerous 911 callers were reporting that two vehicles have been pursing and ramming one another, circling the blocks, and committing numerous traffic violations.
 As WYBPD patrolmen were responding to this area, updated information reported that one car, a grey Saturn. had been forced off the roadway and into a curb shearing the front wheel off.  Additionally, the two adult male operators were now to be physically assaulting each other in the middle of S. Pearl St.   Lastly, the second vehicle, a black Ford Crown Victoria former police sedan, was last observed fleeing the area at a high rate of speed, travelling eastbound on W. King St. towards York City.
@ 4:53 P.M. - WYBPD arrived on scene and identified the occupants of one of the vehicles involved in the vehicular assault and initated an investigation which included numerous interviews of witnesses and of the three involved perpetrators.  
Information obtained by WYBPD revealed that just prior to this incident, the involved occupants of these two vehicles, (Michael DIANA - Unit  #1; Joshua LAROSE & Natasha SPOTTS - Unit #2), aquaintances, and just rendevoused at a store parking lot within the City of York, for the purpose of a heroin transaction.  
This transaction went sour, in that SPOTTS took DIANA's money failing to provide him with heroin, jumped into the Saturn with her boyfriend Joshua LAROSE behind the wheel.  DIANA then pursued the couple in his Ford Crown Victoria, which then entered West York Borough.  
This pursuit circled several blocks of W. Poplar St, where several adult and children residents fled from the sidewalks for safety, as they observed both vechicles traveling in excess of 50 mph, running several stop signs without slowing/stopping and then DIANA repeatedly ramming his Ford into the rear of LAROSE's Saturn.  
The chase ended at the intersection of W. Poplar & S. Pearl streets when DIANA rammed the Saturn a final time forcing the Saturn onto the sidewalk adjacent to Grace E. Loucks Elementary School.   This collision flattened several tires and sheared one wheel  from this vehicle.
DIANA then confronted LAROSE in the street and both began physically striking, choking and eventually kicking each other.   At the end of this fight SPOTTS was observed handing unknown items to DIANA which then prompted him to leave at a high rate of speed, travelling back towards York City.
 Later this evening, WYBPD patrolmen apprehended DIANA at his home along Jodi Lane in Dover Township and located his Ford sedan.
 WYBPD has the following suspects with the criminal chages listed below:
A)  Michael R. DIANA, 45 YOA W/M, of 3000 block Jodi Lane, Dover Township  (Operator of the Ford Crown Victoria)
      1)  Aggravated Assualt - 1st degree felony
      2)  Reckless Endangerment - 2nd degree misdemeanor
      3)  Accidents Involving Damage to Attended Property/Vehicls - 2nd degree misdemeanor
      4)  Simple Assualt - 3rd degree misdemeanor
      5)  Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin) - misdemeanor
      6)  Reckless Driving - summary traffic violation
      7)  One-Way Roadways - summary traffic violation
      *  DIANA was on county probation at the time of this offense for a prior criminal offense -he was detained and incarcerated at York       County Prison for violating the terms of his probation 
B)  Joshua M. LAROSE, 30 YOA W/M, residing within the 100 block of W. Market St., York City  (Operator of the Saturn sedan)
      1)  Reckless Endagerment - 2nd degree misdemeanor
      2)  Simple Assualt - 3rd degree misdemeanor
      3)  Disorderly Conduct - 3rd degree misdemeanor
      4)  Possession of Controlled Substances (heroin) - misdemeanor
      5)  Reckless Driving - summary traffic violation
C)  Natasha SPOTTS, 30 YOA, W/F, residing within the 3400 block of Fox Ridge Dr, Dover Township (Passenger in Saturn sedan)
      1)  Possession of Controlled Substances - misdemeanor 
       *SPOTTS was on county probation at the time of this offense for a prior crminal offense - she was detained for violating her terms          and incarcerated at York County Prison
****Pictures of the suspects involved can be obtaine by contacting Central Booking
****Infomation concerning the previous crimes that placed DIANA and SPOTTS can be obtained by contacting the county courts.