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1/6/2013 - 1:31:00 AM

1/6/13 @ 1:31 A.M. - WYBPD patrolman observed then stopped a red Saturn Ion bearing Pennsylvania registration after committing two traffic violations.   This vehicle yielded to police signals to stop and did so in the parking lot of the Overbrook Cafe.   The operator  was identified as Megan HOENS, 30 Y.O.A., W/F, residing on Pond Rd., Felton.   The passenger was identified as Erik KIBLER, 28 Y.O.A., W/M residing in the 800 block of E. Market St., York City.
Due to observing signs of alcohol intoxication, HOENS was requested to perform field sobriety testing.  HOENS stumbled and almost fell over during testing in addition to being unable to perform the requested steps.  HOENS was then placed into custody and into a waiting cruiser.
KIBLER then informed the patrolman that he was in possession of a marijuana in his front pocket.   This item was secured and placed into evidence.  More suspected marijuana was discovered secreted within KIBLER's tri-fold pleather wallet and this was also seized and placed into evidence.
Both HOENS and KIBLER were then transported to Central Booking for processing on criminal charges stemming from this incident.