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4/6/2014 - 11:32:00 AM

Sunday, 4/6/14 @ 11:20 PM - WYBPD were radio dispatched to respond to the 1400 block of Monroe Street for a report of an assault that took place inside of a home, after the perpetrators 


The victims reported actors came to their house for a domestic confrontation and then forced their way in through the front door of the victim's.  Once inside two of three actors then assaulted a female victim and injured her face.


WYBPD have identified two of suspects as a Craig JEFFERSON, 30 W/M YOA , residing within the 900 block of W King St. in York City and a Derek MILLER, 32 YOA residing within the 1900 block of Church Rd. in York. 


The third perpetrator who was initially identified only as “Nikki,” a white female in her early 30’s with shorter dark hair, has now been identified as Nikki LARTZ.


JEFFERSON was located and apprehended and arrested by West York Borough Police on 04/07/14 at 1:10 am at his residence. He was then taken to Central Booking and charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit criminal trespass, conspiracy to commit simple assault and harassment.

WYBPD was unable to locate MILLER and LARTZ and subsequently issued information releases to local media outlets. 


In addition in to receiving numerous calls tipping WYBPD about MILLER and LARTZ, they also did turn themselves into WYBPD earlier this morning after seeing themselves on televison news, specifically Fox43.


Further investigation has determined that Derek MILLER while being at the scene DID NOT have any active criminal role in this crime other than separating the quarreling parties and removing both JEFFERSON and LARTZ from the residence.


LARTZ has been transported to Central Booking to be processed and arraigned for the following offenses that she allegedly committed in this incident along with JEFFERSON:


1)        Burglary, 2) Criminal Trespass, 3) Simple Assault and 4) Harassment

**Please contact the York County Sheriff’s Office Central Booking Unit for bail information.