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3/28/2014 - 11:02:00 AM

On 3/28/14 @ 11:02 A.M. - WYBPD received a call from the Borough Tax Collector who was concerned with the welfare of a resident that called her concerning his Per Capita Tax bill and payment that claimed to his name was  "Star of Sagittuarus 1" when she asked for his idenitity.   "Star of Sagittaurus 1"  also made bizarre comments regarding taxation, etc and stated he was on his way over to pay his tax.
@ 11:34 WYBPD located this subject, walking within the 1700 block of W. Market Street, and being familiar dealing with him from prior incidents, affirmed that he meant no harm to anyone else or himself.  He is now taking his prescriped medication as directed by his team of doctors.    This subject explained that the name  "Star of Sagittaurus 1" is his You Tube screen name and that he has numerous videos online under this screen name and also under his own screen name.  
Subject stated that he had just returned from paying his Per Capita Tax at the Borough Tax Collector's office, and that he had over paid the tax by $40.00 as a tip for her doing a "phenonmenal job."  
Subject went on to state that he had his first shot, and needed only two more shots before he wopuld be normal again.    
This subject then requested WYBPD inform the tax collector that he apologized for alarming her and to keep the tip. (If possible)