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3/26/2014 - 5:20:00 PM

03/26/2014 5:20 P.M.  - WYBPD dispatched to respond to 1200 W. Market St., Giant Foods Store, for a report of a retail theft.  
While en route YCC advised WYBPD that the store's loss prevention officer was following the subject but discontinued and had returned to the store.  
WYBPD arrived at the Giant Foods Store and the Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) reported that an adult  W/M entered the store and selected two packages of shrimp, one package of ground beef, and two other unknonw items. The shrimp and the beef were concealed on the sales floor and placed under his clothes. The W/M  did  purchase two items.  The W/M exited the store after not making payment for the concealed merchandise.
LPO showed a surveillance picture of the suspect that committed the theft.  The patrolman recognized the subject to be West York resident, Terry Lee DELP, 48 Y.O.A., W/M and residing in a tenement within the 1000 block of  W. Poplar Street.
Patrolmen then responded to DELP's residence where they made contact with him.  DELP admitted to taking the property. DELP then allowed police inside to retrieve the stolen merchandise and he had hidden the merchandise in the basement after observing WYBPD knocking on his door.
DELP concealed this merchandise old clothes dresser located within the basement, whcih after being seized was then returned to Giant.  However, due to the nature of the concealment and the type of of merchandise, these items could not be resold.  
The total lose for the shrimp and ground beef tendered a value of $23.72.  Video, photos, loss prevention report, and receipt were collected.
DELP was then charged with the crime of Retail Theft, a summary violation of the Crimes Code.