Police Blotter

3/24/2014 - 11:45:00 AM

On 3/24/14 @ 11:34 A.M. - A WYBPD patrolman observed a traffic violation and a vehicle equipment violation committed by the operator of a red Ford Econoline van in the 1st block of Overbrook Avenue.   The patrolman executed a traffic stop of this vehicle and through the course of this investigation seized marijuana and drug paraphernalia.    The driver admitted to having just smoked marijunana before operating this vehicle and the patrolman also determined that there was additional narcotics and paraphernalia to be hidden in this offender's residence, which was also on Overbrook Avenue.
This operator was identified as Jeffrey REYNOLD, 51 YOA W/M residing on Overbrook Ave, in West York Borough.   REYNOLD was then transported to York Hospital for a blood drawl and then to Central Booking for processing.
@ 1:20 P.M. - After obtaining a Search Warrant from the magistrate, the patrolman along with other members of the WYBPD executed this warrant at the residence of REYNOLD.    
The following contrababnd was located and seized from the basement by WYBPD;
1)   Approximately 3/4 of a pound of marijuana 
2)   One triple beam scientific scale
3)   Packaging materials used for resale
4)   One large balance type scale
5)   Five smoking devices used to injest marijuana
6)   Grinder
7)   One Rossi .357 caliber revolver with hollowpoint ammunition
8)   One Mossberg shotgun with ammunition
9)    One Stoeger shotgun with ammuntion
10)   One Remington shotgun
11)   One Remington .270 caliber rifle with scope
12)   One Crossbow equipped with scope along with arrows/bolts 
Based upon the observations by the patrolman and the subsequently seized contraband, Jeffrey REYNOLD was charged for the following criminal offenses:
1)   Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance (marijuana) - felony offense
2)   Possession of a Controlled Substance ( marijuana) - misdemeanor offense
3)   Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - misdemeanor offense
4)   Driving Under the Influence - Controlled Substance - misdemeanor offense
REYNOLD was arraigned before the duty magistrate on 3/24/14, and MDJ Linda Williams set his bail at only $10,000 secured bail, wchich he posted and is now free.