Police Blotter

7/28/2013 - 6:14:00 AM

7/28/13 @ 6:14 a.m. - WYBPD was radio dispatched to respond to 1634 W. Market St., the Smokers' Outlet, for a commercial burglar alarm activation.  This store was closed for business at this time.
@ 6:16 a.m. - WYBPD arrived on scene and discovered an open exterior door to the Smokers' Outlet observed pry marks on the door and frame indicating that the door had been forcibly breeched from the exterior and that tools were utilized to pry the door free of the lock and frame.
WYBPD entered the store and conducted an interior search locating the perpetrator, who was observed attempting to hide, crouched down below a display with a hooded shirt concealing his face and head.   This perpetrator refused police commands to surrender and was only successfully handcuffed after he was subdued by deployment of a Taser. 
This perpetrator was then identified as Cruz Manuel ROQUE-PABON, 32 Y.O.A. H/M, currently homeless with No Fixed Address, having previously resided within the City of York.
Recovered on ROQUE-PABON's person, was currency that he admitted to removing from the store's cash register.   
Recovered from within the store, was a heavy canvas tool bag, containing one large crow bar, bolt cutters, wire cutters, several smaller pry bars in addition to other various tools.   Also, stuffed into this toll bag, a patrolman recovered 58 packs of Newport brand cigarettes, which had been removed from this store's display racks.
In addition to the rear door, cash register and display cases all being damaged (pried open), wiring to the alarm system was also cut by ROQUE-PABON in a failed attempt to disarm the alarm.
Upon police questioning, ROQUE-PABON admitted to breaking into the Smokers' Outlet to steal in order to support his heroin habit.   ROQUE-PABON further stated that he last ingested heroin at approximately midnight this date and that the tool bag and tools were all his and that he brought these tools along with him to help him break into the store and cash register.  
ROQUE-PABON was also discoverd to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. 
ROQUE-PABON was then transported to Central Booking for processing, warrant service and to be arraigned on the new criminal charges stemming from this burglary:
1)  Burglary - Felony
2)  Possessing Instruments of Crime - 1st degree Misdemeanor
3)  Resisting Arrest - 2nd degree Misdemeanor
4)  Criminal Mischief - 2nd degree Misdemeanor
ROQUE-PABON was arraigned by the Duty Magisterial District Justice Jeff Joy, who set his bail at only $30,000.