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7/15/2013 - 7:01:00 AM

On 7/15/13 @ 7:01 A.M. - WYBPD was radio dispatched to respond to the Giant Foods Store, located at 1200 W. Market St., for a report of a tractor and trailer obstructing the store's W. Market St. entrance and the York Rail R/R tracks.
@ 7:04 A.M. - WYBPD arrived on scene and met with the out-of-state commercial driver that reported that his truck was stuck as he could not drive forward due to the large concrete planter.  He also stated that he was unable to back up the hill as his trailer was unloaded and his rear tires would simply spin on his attemtps.   This semi-truck was also observed to be on top of the sidewalk and between a large electronic "Giant Foods" sign on one side and telephone pole on the other.
The store manager advised WYBPD that this truck was not making a delivery to the storeand ahd no business in the store.
The driver was questioned as to why he was entering the store parking lot and why he utilized an entranceway not designed for commercial vehicles.    The driver responded that he was simply lookig for a place to park his rig for a place to sleep.  He also added that he was recently "kicked out" from another business just for trespassing just prior to this incident.  Lastly, this driver stated that he had only been in possession of his CDL for one month and was new to truck driving. 
York Rail was advised to suspend rail operations until further notice and a tow service was then summoned to the scene to assist in recovery. 
@ 08:10 A.M. - The commercial tow service did arrive on scene and the 1200 block of W. Market St., was then shut down to all traffic in order to fascilitate this recovery effort.   WYFD and WMTFD assisted in this effort by contributing fire police resources.
@ 8:20 A.M. - WYBPD advised York County Control and York Rail that the road and railway were now cleared.