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4/13/2013 - 1:21:00 AM

On 4/13/13 @ 1:21 A.M. - WYBPD was radio dispatched to return to an apartment house located within the 1500 block of W. King St., this time for a report of a domestic altercation.
@ 1:24 A.M. - WYBPD arrived at the apartment and spoke with the female paramour who reported a domestic altercation and drunken behavior of her boyfriend, Todd SHELLY, 35 Y.O.A., W/M. further lamenting that SHELLY had thrown a bowl of noodles at her.
Patrolmen located a highly intoxicated and belligerent SHELLY that was yelling and screaming foul language.  One patrolman advised him to quiet down and to stop yelling and SHELLY only responded back louder and directed racial epithets towards an upstairs neighbor.
After several attempts to calm and convince SHELLY to quiet down wee ignored, he was then advised that he was under arrest.  SHELLY defiantly yelled back at the patrolmen declaring that he was not, screaming back with obscene language, pulling away from the patrolman.  A brief struggle ensued forcing the patrolmen to utilize force to gain compliance and forcing him to the ground to control him and handcuff him.
SHELLY was then successfully handcuffed and then transported forthwith to Central Booking for processing and arraignment for the criminal charges stemming from this incident; 1) Resisting Arrest and 2) Disorderly Conduct.