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4/13/2013 - 2:36:00 PM

On 4/13/13 @ 2:36 P.M. - Upon arriving within the 1100 block of W. Poplar St., to conduct a foot patrol, WYBPD observed a loud and boisterous disturbance in front of 1110 W. Poplar St.  Two intoxicated white males were observed yelling profanities and racial slurs and challenging a hispanic male and female couple to fight in the middle of the street.
WYBPD then separated both groups and learned that the male/female couple had driven to the area after learning that their 12 year old son was verbally accosted by the two intoxicated males that were loitering on the front stoop of 1110 W. Poplar St.   They further reported that their son was frightened and upset over the derogatory remarks made to him by these two intoxicated white males.  Furthermore, he had also been challenged to fight by these two intoxicated males.
The two males, were found to be highly intoxicated and were then identified as  James Daniel BRAUN, 30 Y.O.A W/M, and Brian WHITE, 34 Y.O.A., W/M and both residing "temporarily" at 1110 W. Poplar St. West York.
BRAUN and WHITE stated to WYBPD that they had been up for approximately 24 hours, "just shukin' and jivin'" on their front porch.   They also stated that they had consumed a few cases of beer and malt liquor during this time frame.  Approximately 30-40 empty cans of Genesee Cream Ale and approximately 30 empty cans of Keystone Light were observed with some lined up on their front porch and the rest scattered about. 
Several other neighbors reported that both BRAUN and WHITE had been partying all night and had been disturbing the entire neighborhood and that the two routinely harass pedestrians, specifically small children in their drunken state.
Both BRAUN and WHITE were then placed into custody and transported to Central Booking, both being charged for Public Drunkenness.
Four children, belonging to BRAUN were also located and their mother was contacted to respond to the area.   The children, ranging from ages 2 to 7 were temporarily placed into police custody until the mother arrived.  
Children & Youth services was contacted and requested to conduct an investigation due to the living conditions observed within the dwelling.    WYBPD was advised that the family's previously assigned caseworker will conduct a follow-up investigation in the near future. 
A codes enforcement officer from WYFD also responded to the residence and noted several violations that will require additional investigation from their department.   (Noe: Home had been condemned in the past by WYFD for inhumane conditions and pest infestations.)