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3/3/2013 - 6:30:00 PM

On 1/24/13 @ 4:15 P.M. - A strong-arm robbery was reported to WYBPD approximately 45 minutes after this crime was to have occurred.   The victim was a juvenile male student that was to have been riding his bicycle home from a West York Area school.  This victim was then approached by two (2) juvenile males that then physically accosted him and then stole his bicycle.  These two juvenile perpetrators then reportedly fled crossing W. Market St.   The bicycle was recovered shortly thereafter.
After conducting a criminal investigation WYBPD was able to obtain suspect identities of these two (2) perpetrators.   The victim was then able to positively identify both perpetrators.   Both perpetrators were then interviewed by WYBPD and subsequently admitted to their roles in this robbery and assault.
WYBPD filed juvenile allegations against both perpetrators as both were 13 years old.  Perpetrator #1, J.C. H/M and to be residing in the 100 block of Cottage Place, York City.  Perpetrator #2, S.F. B/M, to be residing within the 1200 block of W. King St., West York.
Both perpetrators were charged with the criminal offenses of;  Robbery, Simple Assault, Theft, and Receiving Stolen Property.