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2/28/2013 - 9:26:00 PM

On 2/128/13 @ 926 P.M. - WYBPD radio dispatched to respond to single family residence located within the 1100 block of W. Poplar St., for a report of home invasion burglary, in which the perpetrator forced entry to the rear of the home.  The caller, who was the female resident, was then able to successfully elude this perpetrator by fleeing out the front door of her home.
@ 9:28 P.M. - WYBPD patrolmen arrived on scene, observed the rear door forcibly damaged and broken glass littering the floor, made entry to seek and apprehend the male perpetrator.   This perpetrator was quickly located and confronted by patrolmen.  He then positioned himself in hostile fashion, adopted a fighting stance and refused repeated commands to surrender.  He then defiantly challenged the patrolmen to shoot him.   This perpetrator was intoxicated, disheveled, and bleeding from cuts to his face.  Even after deployment of the police taser, this perpetrator continued to be combative and belligerent and bucking as he was escorted to a waiting WYBPD cruiser.   He also began screaming and yelling on the street ignoring commands to cease, further disrupting other residents in the neighborhood by causing further disturbance.
This perpetrator was identified by his Maryland driver's license as David Curtis ANUSZEWSKI, 30 Y.O.A., W/M, residing in the 7000 block of Chestnut Brook Road, Baltimore MD.  
While in custody, white powdery substance was observed around ANUZEWSKI's nostril, which he later stated to the patrolman was heroin, that he had previously sniffed this date.   Recovered also on his person were several unmarked prescription pills which were seized as evidence.
When questioned as to why he forced his way into this residence, he stated he was there to defend another person from a domestic attack.  However, the name of this person that he was to defend, did NOT reside at this residence.   ANUSZEWSKI was highly intoxicated and drugged and his statements were difficult to understand.
 ANUSZEWSKI was then transported to Central Booking forthwith and charged by WYBPD for the following criminal offenses:
1)  Burglary - Felony of the 1st degree
2) Criminal Trespass- Felony of the 2nd degree
3)  Resisting Arrest - Misdemeanor of the 2nd degree
4) Loitering and Prowling at Night Time - Misdemeanor of the 3rd degree
5) Disorderly Conduct - Misdemeanor of the 3rd degree
6) Public Drunkenness
ANUSZEWSKI also faces additional criminal charges relating to illegal narcotics that were also recovered on his person, that are currently awaiting final lab analysis.
 Bail was set at $25,000 by the duty Magisterial District Justice, Dwayne Dubbs, of Hanover,  and was last reported as being currently incarcerated at York County Prison.