Police Blotter

2/20/2013 - 8:15:00 PM

On February 21, 2012 at 12:36 pm, a West York Borough Patrolman apprehended a suspected shoplifter at the Giant Foods Store, 1200 W. Market St., as he attempted to exit the store.   Concealed on this subject’s person, and in his shopping basket, the patrolman recovered eleven (11) bottles of liquid DayQuil, four (4) boxes of Vicks DayQuil and eight (8) boxes of Vicks Nyquil cough medicine, with a combined value of over $180.00. 


This subject, who was very cooperative, informed the patrolman that he only stole these items at the request of local shop shopkeeper, who operated a corner bodega, called “Yongs” at the intersection of S. Penn St. and W. College Ave., within the City of York.  He further stated that he had intended to return to this bodega after this theft and then sell the stolen cough medicine to the store owners.  He claimed that he had performing these retail thefts for the last two (2) years and that he would typically receive $2-3 for each bottle of cough medicine.   He also stated that he would steal other various items including baby formula, pain medications, batteries and other items that “sell quick” as the shopkeepers would then place the items that he had stolen, back on the shelf for resell to the customers of their bodega.


This subject also described the shopkeepers as being an asian male and female couple that he has dealt with both in prior thefts and at this bodega.  He also stated that they lived in the apartment directly above the bodega.


Based upon this information, and the subject’s willingness to further assist in this investigation, WYBPD obtained an anticipatory search warrant for the bodega, “Yongs” 255 S. Penn St., York City.


Next officers marked all of the items that were recovered from the previous retail theft offense, and accompanied this cooperative subject.   This subject was then observed walking into the bodega with the marked stolen merchandise and exiting shortly thereafter without the merchandise.  Police conducted a follow-up interview with the cooperative subject, to verify that a transaction took place and then confiscated the monies that he had received from the shopkeepers during the sale of the stolen medicine.


WYBPD then executed the search warrant this same day at 8:00 P.M. at the bodega “Yong’s Market” and received all of the medicine that had been stolen earlier this day.   The items were verified by their individual markings that were applied police.


In addition, WYBPD located and seized several hundred pounds of powdered baby formula, 100’s of batteries, other medications that displayed markings from other retailers and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.


The drug paraphernalia items that were seized, were also packaged and displayed for resale purposes, which included the following;  glass pipes used for inhaling marijuana, glass pipes with copper mesh or “crack pipes” and numerous bags containing hundreds of smaller one inch by one inch sized, zip lock style baggies commonly used in the packaging of illegal narcotics.


Based upon the evidence recovered, WYBPD patrolman placed Li Jang Wang, 61 Y.O.A., A/M and Yu Ping Xu, 57 Y.O.A., A/F, both residing at 255 S. Penn St., into custody and transported them to Central Booking.


Both Wang and Xu were then charged by WYBPD with the criminal offenses of; Organized Retail Theft, Retail Theft, Solicitation of Retail Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – all first degree misdemeanor offenses.