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2/15/2013 - 3:15:00 AM

On 2/14/13 @ 3:15 A.M. - WYBPD radio dispatched to respond to an occupied apartment house located within the 1100 block of W. Poplar St., for a report of a working structure fire.
@ 3:16 A.M. - WYBPD patrolmen arrived on scene and immediately began evacuating residents of the smoke filled rooming house.   Residents were found on the second and third floors and the patrolmen escorted them out.  Some residents attempting to make re-entry to the actively burning apartment house ignoring police commands to keep out.  Patrolman then made them exit again and prevented further attemtps to re-enter.
WYFD and WYAMB along with other area fire departments then arrived on scene and began to fight the fire.
Four residents were taken to Memorial Hospital, two were to be treated for smoke inhalation, a third for purns to his hands and a fourth was evaulted due to being four months pregnant.
Red Cross was also dispatcher and did arrive on scene to assist.  WYBPD then transported seven of these residents to the Red Cross center on S. George St. due to their lack of owning transportation.
WYFD determined fire was electrical.