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2/16/2013 - 12:52:00 AM

On 2/16/13 @ 12:52 A.M. - WYBPD observed a red Buick sedan bearing Pennsylvania registration commit a traffic law violation on W. King St. and the intersection of S. Highland Avenue.
This vehicle then stopped upon signal to do so by WYBPD, within the 1300 block of W. King St.   The operator was then identified as Darin POTTS, 33 Y.O.A. W/M, residing within the 5400 block of Lincoln Highway East, Hellam.   After observing signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication and impairment, the patrolman requested that POTTS perfrom field sobroety testing.   POTTS was then unable to successfully complete and pass this testing.  POTTS was then placed into custody for suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
During the course of this investigation, the patrolman was interrupted several times by a female, also a passenger in this same vehicle.  She was belligerent and yelled explitives and directed other course comments at the patrolman.   A second patrolman responded to assist, ascertain and opefullt assist this female passnger in whatever questions or concerns that these female passenger had in regards to the operator being placed under arrest.
The assisting patrolman requested her identification and she then complied by producing her state issued idenitifcation card.  However, in her procurment of this document from her purse, she accidentally dropped a small palstic ziploc style baggie containing several white pills.  When the patrolman brought this to her attention, she responded by attempting to conceal the baggy covering it up with her hands.  The patrolman then requested that she turn over this contraband and she refused.
The patrolman was eventually able to obtain the contraband, however upon doing so, this female became displeased and belligerent.  At one point her purse fell to the street, and as the patrolman attempted to retireve it, she attempted to stomp on his hand, missing then began attempting to kick him.
This female was then placed into custody and became increasingly hostile and belligerent and refused to enter the rear pprisoner area of the waiting police cruiser.  Eventually, and much to her she was then assisted into the rear prisoner occupant area and only after physical and verbal protest.
This female was then identified as Cherie THOMPSON, 37 W/F, residing within the 1300 block of W. King St., West York Borough.
The narcotics were seized, ppalced into evidence for future subittal to the crime lab for analysis.
Both POTTS and THOMPSON were then trasnported to Central Booking for blood draw, and then processing on criminal charges stemming from this incident. 
*NOTE:  THOMPSON has been previosly charged by WYBPD, once for Public Drunkenness and once for a Vehicle Ignition Interlock violation.