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2/17/2013 - 12:38:00 AM

On 2/17/13 @ 12:38 A.M. - WYBPD observed a black Ford truck bearing Pennsylvania registration pull abruptly into a parking spot of the Overbrook Cafe and strike the concrete parking stop.   The operator of this vehicle, then exited from this truck, stagerring and supporting his body as he balanced himself against a female.   As the patrolman approached the operartor, he then fle dinto the bar, ast down at a bar stool and bowed his head down, attempting to blend amongst the other patrons.   The patrolman made contact with this operator, identifying him as Eric DUNCAN, 41 Y.O.A. W/M, residing within the 2000 block of Locust Lane, West Manchester Township.
DUNCAN then was unable to successfully complete field sobriety testing as the Patrolman instructed.  DUNCAN reeked of alcohol an displayed signs ogf intoxication.  DUNCAN also informed the officer that he had previously consumed several alcholic beverages.  DUNCAN was then trasnported to Central Booking for a blood draw and processing.   DUNCAN refused to submit to the blood test.   Further investigation also revealed that DUNCAN had two (2) prior convictions for driving under the influence.
DUNCAN, being a two time convicted prior offender, and now being subject to the Target 25 initiative, was then crimnally charged by WYBPD for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol then taken forthwith before the Duty Magistrate for arraingment.