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1/13/2013 - 1:07:00 AM

1/16/13 @ 1:07 A.M. - WYBPD initially radio dispatched to West York Inn to respond to a strong-arm robbery and an assault. 

@ 1:07 A.M. – WYBPD arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant and his girlfriend. The complainant informed the patrolman that he had been head-butted by a white male whom he had a verbal dispute with earlier that night. The complainant then informed the patrolman that his coat and jacket were missing. The female party informed the patrolman that she had seen a female take a bunch of coats once the fight had broken up. Upon viewing the surveillance tapes, it was speculated that the complainant and his girlfriend started to fight. Upon questioning, the two subjects admitted that they had started the fight but that they had called because they wanted their belongings back.  After cross-referencing receipts and surveillance tapes, a potential suspect was identified, the patrolman informed the complainant that he would follow up with the suspect the next day. An exterior search of the West York Inn was conducted to which nothing was found.