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12/30/2012 - 1:54:00 PM

12/30/12 @ 1:54 P.M. - WYBPD was radio dispatched to respond to the sidewalk area of the Rite Aid store located at 1200 W. Market St. for a report of an unknown male lying face down on the sidewalk area unresponsive to caller's attempts to check his welafare.
@ 1:55 P.M. - WYBPD did arrive and determined that this male was highly intoxicated as they were able to awake him from his stupor.   This male was identified as Jerry STAHLE JR., 45 Y.O.A. W/M residing in the 900 block of W. Poplar St., York City.   The patrolman transported him to his residence and released him into the care of his wife.    STAHLE was issued a non-traffic citation for Public Drunkenness for npot only causing annoyance, alarm and inconveinence to the customers of the Rite Aid, but for also endangering his own safety and welfare due to the extreme cold temperatures.