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1/28/2013 - 8:57:00 AM

1/28/13 @ 8:57 A.M. - WYBPD observed a 1989 Buick Lesabre bearing Pennsylvania registration for a faulty equipment violation travelling eastbound within the 1400 block of W. Market St., heading towards York City.
@ 8:58 A.M. - This vehicle did yield and pull over in the parking lot of Roburrito's parking lot, after being signaled to stop by a WYBPD patrolman.   The operator was identified as Andy SASSER, 55 Y.O.A., B/M residing in the 600 block of Florida Avenue, York City.  When this operator's license was checked by the patrolman on his in-car Mobile Data Computer via PennDOT, it was determined that SASSER was also operating with a suspended driver's license.   In addition to this violation, an outstanding active warrant for arrest was also discovered.   
Upon further contact with SASSER, the patrolman detected an odor of marijuana emitting from this vehicle and SASSER's person, and even more so as SASSER spoke.    SASSER was then taken into custody and was read his Miranda warnings prior to further questioning by WYBPD.
SASSER then admitted to being in possession of marijuana and that it was currently concealed between two of the vehicle's seats.  This marijuana was then seized along with a digital scale, a box of plastic ziploc style baggies witch were all placed into evidence. SASSER then went on to inform the patrolman that he was "high" and that  he had previously purchased the marijuana and had intended to resell it, turning a profit, in hopes of earning some extra money, possibly doubling his money, which he reasoned necessary to pay his mortgage.
SASSER was then transported by WYBPD to Central Booking for processing on the criminal and traffic charges related to this incident to include; Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWI) Marijuana, DUI - Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Driving While Operating Privilege was Suspended.  
SASSER also will be made to answer for the outstanding arrest warrant from a previous encounter with law enforcement.
SASSER's vehicle was then impounded for seizure proceedings to be initiated by the York County District Attorney's Office.